UFMG: The Federal University of Minas Gerais – Brazil

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UFMG is a public and free-of-charge university. It has 24 museums and cultural spaces.

To study at UFMG, the candidates are evaluated only through the Enade grade (National Student Performance Exam – Brazilian SAT). In other words, it is an entirely objective and democratic admission process, in which everyone attends to the same and unique criterion: exam grade.

In addition, 50% of vacancies in the undergraduate selection processes are reserved for students from public schools, including blacks, Brazilian indigenous, and people with disabilities.

The Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) is a public institution that is recognised as an outstanding centre of excellence in Brazil. Altogether, UFMG has 20 academic units, three special units, three administrative units, two hospitals and 25 libraries. The university offers 75 undergraduate courses, 78 graduate programmes and 68 continuing education programmes, in all fields of knowledge, with more than 40,000 students enrolled. Some 95 per cent of UFMG’s undergraduate courses have the maximum score on the IGC indicator (General Undergraduate Course Index – Brazilian Ministry of Education), and 68 per cent of UFMG graduate programmes at PhD level are classified as centres of excellence according to assessments made by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. As one of Brazil’s largest research universities, UFMG is committed to striking a balance between the high quality of its courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, the expanding impact of its research and the growing social relevance of its academic activities. (Source: The Times Higher Education)


5th best university in Latin America according to Times Higher Education ranking.


Overall ranking: 4th best university in Brazil.
Teaching: 1st.
Recognition by the market: 2nd.

Source: Ranking Universitário Folha 2019 (last edition, Brazilian most important ranking)


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